Captain Qwark
Copernicus Leslie Qwark
Vital statistics
Full Name Copernicus Leslie Qwark
Age  ?
Birthday {{{birthday}}}
Debut Life of Heroes 3
Alignment Hero
Role Intergalactic superhero

Member of Team Mystery

Home(s) {{{home}}}
Species  ?
Gender Male
Height {{{height}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Weapon of choice {{{weapon}}}
Transformations None
Family  ?
Allies Ratchet, Clank, Luna Moonstone, Wreck-It Ralph
Enemies Doctor Eggman
Nicknames None
Status Alive

Copernicus Leslie Qwark (better known as Captain Qwark) is an intergalactic hero raised by monkeys.


Ask the Characters

Captain Qwark was interviewed in the first Bandicootfan63 episode of Ask the Characters. He was interviewed after Crash Man, making him the fifth character overall to be interviewed in the series, second in the BF63 installments.


Episode 1 (Bandicootfan63)

Question: You haven't really been the best picture of a hero lately, Captain Qwark. Any reason for that?

Captain Qwark: Well, Mr. Question, lately I've been in a slump of depression. And, let me tell you, that outhouse dip really didn't help matters! So, that's why I've created the Qwark Deodorizer, available at any major shop in the Solana Galaxy. It's patented aroma technology assures freshness and--

Question: Forget it. Have you decided on whether to revive your early-morning radio show?

Captain Qwark: Yes, I believe it's a step in the right path for rebuilding my career.

Question: Have you payed that fraud fine back yet?

Captain Qwark: No comment.

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