Charm the Liger 2015
Charm is the leader of the Diamond Detectives who appeares in the Life of Heroes RP 3.
Charm's Stats


Charm the Liger






Liger (half Lion, half Tiger)




Raven Crow, Sia M. Ese, Amanda Dillo, Lola the Rabbit, Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Mighty the Armadillo, Nack the Weasel


Fusions, Dark Black.


Charm was born with Tychokinesis, which gifts her with the ability to control the luck of people. She can make good luck for her allies, and bad luck for her enemies. But it's up to her to decide who her friends and foes are. Should she accidentally believe a friend is an enemy, she would bring bad luck to them. Also, certain lucks require a certain method befor Charm can make it happen. For Example; an enemy must step on a crack on the ground in order for her to inflick the "Back Break" bad luck. And a friends must find a four leaf clover in order to do the "money" good luck, but how much depends on how old the clover is. Most of the jynxes she causes is by simply snapping her fingers. Her ablilties are offten confused to be magic, but no magic is involved with her Tychokinesis.


Charm is leavel headed and has the personality of a leader. She fight for whats good and only uses her abilities for the bennifit of her allies. However, she may have trouble trusting others, as why she would call any outsider an "Intruder", but was able to see the Chaotix as friends and even offered them a free night stay as thanks for freeing Lola. Charm is trustworthy, loyal and knows when to attack or not.



  • Charm's personality was actually switched with Sia M. Ese's personality. Charm was originally going to be the tomboy-ish and rash one of the Diamond Detectives.


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