Chaos Heart
Chaos Heart is an mysteriouse and deviouse object that is part of Life of Heroes RP: Death from Above: Part 2.

RP Bio

The Chaos Heart has been mentioned many times befor it's ctual appearance in the RP. To prove it wasn't really Black Doom to Luna, Chaos Heart flies out of "Black Doom" and had a brife discusion befor Luna tried to attack, but to no arival from her hits. After that, Chaos Heart sends a wave od dark energy and possessed Luna. Later he appeares and attackes Shadow, Espio, and Sabir useing Luna's body. It later escaped into the void. It's currently in the void.

Solo Stories

The Chaos Heat makes it's first appearance in the Solo Story Black Doom Corrupted. It was stored in a mataic crate befor freed. After it's release, it morfed into Black Doom's chest and made a wave of energy that possesed anyone close by, such as Cortex and N-Gin.


Here's a list of who Chaos Heart possessed and morfed into.

Possessed Victums

Doctor Neo Cortex - First to be diagnosed with Chaos Heart's possession, but was later freed by the heroes.

Doctor N-Gin - Seconed to be diagnosed with Chaos Heart's posession, but was later freed by the heroes.

King K. Rool - Third to be diagnosed with Chaos Heart's posession, but was later freed.

Luna Moonstone - Was temporary possessed by Chaos Heart befor it morfed into Luna's body.

Morphed Victims

Black Doom - The first to had been morfed with Chaos Heart, as shown in RP Solo Story: Black Doom Corrupted. Chaos Heart later separated itself from Black Doom. Acording to Chaos Heart, Black Doom is now dead becuase of this.

Luna Moonstone - Chaos Heart's current host. It is asumed that it morfed into Luna's body sometime between when it possessed her and when he attacked Shadow, Espio, and Sabir while morfed into her body.


  • The Chaos Heart was never actually dealt with, similar to some other RP villains.

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