Emerald Stats
Chaos Emeralds




Blue (original), Green (original), Silver (original), Purple (original), Red (original), Yellow (original), Light blue (original), Orange, Black, white (possible Dream Emeralds).

Note: These items belong to Sega

Chaos Emeralds are the main items in both the 1st and 2nd RP. There are many different emeralds in the RP.

The Types of Emeralds

Chaos Emerald

The original emeralds.

Black Chaos Emerald

The most seen and mentioned emeralds through out the RP.

Dream Emeralds

Only appeared in the 1st RP. Emeralds of the Fountain of Dreams.

Orange Chaos Emerald

Used once so far. Black Doom used this emerald to trick Luna into thinking that Espio was the one who destroyed her past.

White Chaos Emerald

At the beginning of the 1st RP, Sia pulled out a White Chaos Emerald while Super Shadow was battling Giant Crash. However, it was never used (however, it could have been used to transform Sara into Sia Sapphire).



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