Neutral Chao


Sonic The Hedgehog


Life of Heroes RP 1


Nuts, fruits, just about anything else edible once they are used to it


Peace, Chaos (being)(0, 1, 2, 4), being treated kindly, being held, Cream the Rabbit, Tikal the Echidna

(Note that individual Chao all have their own personalities and thus, vary in what they like.)


War, being treated badly, evil, having food taken away from them

Chao are cute creatures hailing from the Sonic The Hedgehog series. They live in Chao Gardens, and can be found anywhere with freshwater. They come in many different forms. Their genes are rather complex for their seemingly simple appearance; there are many, many factors that determine their appearance, personality, gender, alignment, color, type, second type, and so on. They're being nearly completely dependent on a caretaker makes them adored around the world (though nearly defenseless), as well as their generally pleasant demeanor and how easy it is to care for them.



Shadow with animal Chao

All 3 of these Chao have been given animals.

Chao can absorb the energies of animals and take their appearance, i.e. if a Chao is given a cheetah, it will grow clawed feet, a spotted tail, and yellow cheetah ears. This will also let them learn that animal's behavior, so a Chao that has been given cheetahs will learn to roar.


Chao can learn new skills relatively quickly. In Chao World, there is a Chao Kindergarten where Chao can be left to learn new things, like how to draw, play instruments, and sing.

Chaos Drives

Chao can be given Chaos Drives, which will raise one of their abilities. Blue will raise their flight, yellow their swimming, green will raise speed, and red will raise their strength. Baby Chao and Child Chao that have been given a certain color repeatedly will evolve into the respective type--Run, Power, Fly, or Swim.


An average Chao, without any animal parts or evolutions, is covered in a peach fuzz like layer of fur which does not grow past a certain length.


General Habits

  • If a Chao who cannot walk is standing up and wants to go somewhere else, instead of just plopping on their bellies and crawling they sit and then crawl.
  • Chao instinctively turn around when they face an obstacle in their path (usually walls.)

General Culture

  • Some wandering Chao clans kill or abandon a newborn (depending on the group) if it isn't warm when it hatches.
  • If Chao villages grow too large, the oldest one leaves.


  • During the press conference at the White House in Life of Heroes 3, the President mentions that the U.S. government, under his orders genetically engineered a unique, purple Chao with a Saints fleur de lis on its head.
  • Chao shown in the RP are often shown to be extremely stubborn for comedic effect.






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