Brad Lemon

Brad is a minor character in the Life of Heroes RP. He lives in Liberty City.


Life of Heroes RP 3

Brad's first appearance in the RP is when Ratchet, Clank, Keira, Sly Cooper, Murray, Bentley, Daxter, Juanita the Chameleon, and Yoko Sniper split up in Liberty City, when he encounters Nita and Yoko walking down the street. He is hit by a car and then a bus, nearly killing him, and the ambulance runs him over before picking him up.

A half-hour later he walks out of the hospital and sees them again, and this time is hit by another car, after looking up and down the street. He is fine, however.

Later in Algonquin, he is seen carrying groceries home, but is hit by a car and drops them. He is enraged by the sight of his pancakes on the road, and takes out a grenade launcher and begins to go postal, and Yoko kills him with a grenade yo-yo, after which he is sent to the hospital once more.

Life of Heroes 4

Brad literally drops in on the protagonists of Pessimis' Shadow after falling onto the "Superman truck" for unknown reasons. Later, Carlos (now working as a paramedic) accidentally runs him over and then leaves him after he's rude.

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