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Bowser's Stats:


Black Doom, Red, Spark (somewhat), Dr. Eggman.


Crash Man, Sia, Shadow, Luna, The Chaotix (mostly Espio for blasting Bowser with his Dark Cannon.


a big jerk and a bully (by Sia before they fought).



This article is about the character Bowser. For his son of the same name, see here. For Bowser's boss battles, see here. For his youngest son's boss battles, see here. For Bowser's seven other children, see here.

King Bowser Kerog Koopa is the leader of the Koopa Troop. He made his debut in the Life of Heroes RP as Giga Bowser, who was battled by Crash Man and Sia Sapphire. It was revealed that he had stolen Sia's and CM's black Chaos Emeralds after the battle.






Main article: Mario

Mario is Bowser's nemesis. The two are constantly battling each other, and during the events of the 2nd RP, Bowser took over Mario Land, which Mario hasn't even noticed yet. They are also seen competing against each other in sports such as baseball, soccer, and basketball.


Main article: Luigi

Bowser doesn't really see Luigi as a threat like Mario, and often ignores him, leading to underestimating him in several situations. When Mario and Luigi both show up to fight Bowser, Bowser often only refers to Mario by his name and Luigi by "green mustache".

Princess Peach

Main article: Princess Peach

Bowser has a crush on Peach, often leading him to kidnapping her. The two are fierce rivals in sports competitions.



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