Blossom is the de facto leader of the Powerpuff Girls. She is the most intelligent and mature of the three, but at times the most commanding, and acts a bit like a nerd. Among the girls, Blossom has one special skill that the others do not possess, the power of "Ice Breath" which lets her breathe out cold air and create ice.

Life of Heroes RP 3

The Future

Blossom FusionFall Art

Art from FusionFall. This is how she appears at 13 years old

In the bad future, the future (13 year old) Blossom is the first person seen by Crash Man, Sia Sapphire, Luna Moonstone, and Cyrus when they arrive in future Tech Square, along with future Dexter. When the Fusion Arms attack, she stays behind to fight them, shortly before future Buttercup arrives after having been missing for several years and then Blossom is killed.


Blossom has a Nano based off of her.

Level Name Image Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
04 Ed Nano Blossom Nano Cosmix Stun - Area Antidote Snare - Cone


Like several other characters in the RP, Blossom has codes assigned to her. They are listed below.

  • ffcpowerpuffleader
  • ffcicebreath


  • One of the reasons for Blossom's slight vanity is that she is the only Powerpuff Girl with long hair.
  • Her Nano cries when it's user is defeated, implying it cares about them.


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