• SierraSia
    • *during their travels through space in the Solana Galaxy*

    Sabir: *in the passenger seat, deep in thought* ... Hey Silver, can I, uh, ask you something?

    Silver: *in the pilot's seat driving the ship* What?

    Sabir: Well during the four months we were separated, I noticed that when I talk, my voice started to sound funny the longer I talk.

    • *Silver notices that Sabir's voice was changing from a high pitch to a low pitch without control*

    Silver: Yeah, I just noticed that too.

    Sabir: And, well... I think that... *turns off the radio* Silver, can I ask you questions about going through puberty?

    Silver: *slowly glances at Sabir*

    • *moments later Silver jumps out of the window, causing sirens to blare inside the ship*

    Sabir: ... Why am I not surprised?

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  • SierraSia
    • *Juanita is with Yoko, Ratchet, Clank, Daxter, Keira, and Bentley in the back of the Cooper van, while Sly and Murray are in the front seats as they drive down a high way*
    • *Sly and Murray are having a conversation with one another, Bentley is researching information on his laptop, Clank explains to Keira about his mechanisms and structure, and Ratchet is playing a game of cards with Daxter*

    Juanita: *pets Black Doom's Eye as she looks around the van*

    Yoko: *tinkers with one of her advanced yo-yos as she notices Juanita* Gettin' board, Nita?

    Juanita: Maybe a little. I haven't been on a trip this long since that one time me and my family went on that road trip to Spagonia.

    Yoko: *thinks for a moment* Hmm... Oh, I know. How about we play the Name …

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  • SierraSia

    So basically, Life of Heroes OFF is basically short stories that aren't canon to the RPs but are made just for fun. And this on is reflecting off of the Sonic Forces E3 trailer. Enjoy!

    • *late one night, Luna Moonstone enters the Resistance's HQ, with bruises and small burns on her*

    Luna: huff, huff, Okay, I'm, *pant* I'm finally here. Did I miss anything?

    Sonic: Wait, Luna?? What are you doing here?

    Luna: Well, this is the Resistance's base, isn't it? So wouldn't it make sense to come here to help you guys out?

    Sonic: But, we thought you were with Shadow...

    Luna: Actually, I haven't seen him in days. I tried calling him, but he never answered. I'm sure he's okay, but... I can't help but worry about him, ya know?

    Sonic: Uh, about that--

    Luna: I mean…

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  • Bandicootfan63
    • centuries ago, in a kingdom long lost from now*
    • twelve different people gather and sit at a round table, each with their own elemental theme*
    • among them, a younger Angel Diamond sits across the Guardian of Darkness, and in between the Guardians of Water and Ice*
    • finally, a young fire themed girl walks in last and sits next to the Guardian of Darkness*

    Guardian of Nature: *looks around and sees everyone sitting* Alright then, since everyone is here, let's begin this meeting.

    Angel: Wait, should we wait until Princess Blanky comes down?

    Nature: No, this is a meeting strictly for the Aura Energy Guardians. With all due respect for the fair princess, this is our policy.

    Angel: Very well then.

    Nature: So our first discussion, the threat this so-called …

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  • SierraSia

    So this is just an idea I thought of earlier today about the lore behind the RP's gods/goddesses. The thought process behind this started when I remembered that both Kratos and Zeus were under Palutena's info box as possible allies, but Kratos has yet to appear or be mentioned by anyone in the RP, and Zeus contradicts with Lightning the Hedgehog since, well, Zeus was the original God of Lightning. So the more I thought about it, the more I constructed a POSSIBLE story line of the deities' history, even going long before Angel's Generation of AEGs in Legend of Blanky.


    So taking the lore of the God of War games into account, the league of the gods started with Zeus as …

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  • Bandicootfan63

    (*the Enforcers follow him, driven mad* Sara: ?! *looks around causiously*

    • Z's standing several meters away, across a long expanse of grass*

    Sara: ?? Z? What are you doing out here? Z: In case you haven't figured it out, don't come any closer. Sara: Why? What the heck is going on here? Z: This is going to surprise you considering how "realistic" this world is, but I'm a personification of negative thought. Sara: Personification of... that doesn't make any sense. Z: Neither did that scene just now...let me explain. The pure concentration of pessimistic, defeatist, gloomy, cynical, fatalistic, dismissive, antipathetic, critical, unenthusiastic, uninterested, unresponsive and detrimental thoughts and feelings here is literally enough for …

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  • SierraSia

    Bloodstone's Inferno

    February 17, 2017 by SierraSia

    • there is a small baby asleep inside a stasis tube, with several tubes and wires sticking on and in it*

    Dark Black: *looks upon the stasis tube, unimpressed* ... Well? Did this one survive?

    Scientist: Reading pulse... checking heart rate... Yes, your child has adapted to the mutations.

    Dark Black: ... What's his blood type?

    Scientist: It is... *the computer he's working on reads negative* ... unknown?

    Dark Black: *smirks* Finally. Blood Type: X has been perfected. *she lays a hand over the infant on the stasis tube's glass* Congratulation, child. You've just won your right to live.

    Dark Black: Do you see, son? All of the previous specimens for the project you were born into. But where they all failed, you succeeded. And this day marks the third y…

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  • SierraSia

    WARNING: Contains spoilers for Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic and the Black Knight, and Sonic Shuffle. If you wish to view the stories in those games before reading this, then please go play the game... or just look up cutsceans on YouTube, that works to (lol).

    Hello everybody, and welcome to my theory. A FAN THEORY! ... (Note to Self: Don't parody shows you like watching.)

    Well it's Sonic the Hedgehog's 25th anniversary, and despite high points, low points, and... some lower points that will go un-mentioned, Sonic has been pulling through these past 25 years and I have some respect for that. But the main focus I want to give is to some games that are from those "low points" of his history. Those points being the Storybook Series. The gam…

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  • Bandicootfan63

    Hello! I'm making this blog as a PSA know, the two people here. The commonly-used

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  • Bandicootfan63

    Name Desc. Appearance Etc.
    Lucille She's freaking sweet. Endows the user with a burning passion for knowledge, but what of, exactly? A wooden baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Based on the weapon of the same name wielded by The Walking Dead's newest antagonist (at the time of writing this) during the most recent season finale. It left on a cliffhanger of who he killed, hence the "burning passion for knowledge." "She's freaking sweet" parallels a line he uses.
    Fearful Dead This is what people use when Lucille's being repaired in the summertime. Constantly shadowed by Lucille's cult following, could it prove to be a useful weapon in its own right? A wooden baseball bat, the wood has aged ungracefully with its many beatings and become a gray, …

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  • Bandicootfan63

    the screen goes black and a canister shoots out of the wall, nailing GIR in the head*

    GIR: *goes into Duty Mode* My intestines!

    ZIM: *walks over and picks the canister up* No need to worry, GIR, your intestines are far from endangered...nyeheheh...hehehee...HAHAHAHAAA!

    GIR: *returns to normal, eyeing the canister* Ooh, easter eggs! *takes it and tries opening it*

    ZIM: NO! *snatches it from him and tosses it into storage* Bad! *points at him* Bad!

    GIR: *shrinks* I...I just wanted sugary goodness! *retreats into a tube*

    ZIM: ... *scratches his butt* Where was I?


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  • Bandicootfan63


    November 25, 2015 by Bandicootfan63

    Back To The Future: The Game 30th Anniversary Edition (PS4)
    Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (GameCube)
    PlayStation Plus 1 Year Subscription
    Any PlayStation Network gift cards
    Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection (PS3)
    Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny (PS3)
    Saints Row The Third The Full Package (PlayStation 3)
    DRAGON QUEST: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below (PlayStation 4)
    Minecraft (PlayStation 4)
    Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (Nintendo DS)
    Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (Nintendo DS)
    Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (Nintendo DS)
    Catherine (PlayStation 3)
    Deadpool (PlayStation 4)
    Sonic Generations (PlayStation 3)
    X-2 HD Remaster
    AKIBA'S TRIP: Undead & Undressed (PS4)
    The Simpsons Game (PlayStation 3)
    Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (PlaySta…

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  • Bandicootfan63

    The Necessity of Art

    October 25, 2015 by Bandicootfan63

    This is something I'm working on, as you may have guessed.

    Some say a life without art isn't worth living. Many others and the same may say, a life without love is destined for the same purpose. I disagree with both of these arguments; for the two work hand in hand, comparable to the scientific theory of the butterfly effect.

    • Is it not love that necessitates emotion? Is it not art that demands reaction?
      • In all of our lives, art has taken grasp in so subtle a form that many of us, varying in personalities of course, rarely realize.
      • In a way, both of the proposed points are true; but rather, art invokes emotion, which reminds us of our fellow man and woman. It draws us to seek emotion in our lives; sweet, raw stimuli of the mind and stir of the …

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  • Bandicootfan63

    New Character Ideas

    October 7, 2015 by Bandicootfan63
    • A boy attending school, unspecified age. His endeavors are fueled by desire and the belief that his skills, although in the eyes of others are amazing, are weak. He believes the road he wants to follow is long and elusive.
      • Privately he views himself as meek and unfocused, but is easily irritated by other people's behavior.
    • A legendary musician-turned-traveler known across the lands. He enjoys traveling, particularly to obscure locations for privacy.
      • Probably in a different era, i.e. the Wild West.
      • Secretly looking for a woman he loved years ago.
      • Takes his loyal cat with him everywhere, who totes a revolver. He prefers cats because they're not emotionally shallow creatures, like dogs; he entrusts that if he were to ever suffer, his cat would be …
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  • Bandicootfan63

    I liked a bunch of stuff on Manga Fox's feed on Facebook but it sort of annoys my friends... ^_^ So here it is.

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  • Bandicootfan63

    Team Listings &/or Tier

    September 16, 2015 by Bandicootfan63

    • Sia Sapphire, Crash Man, Medaka Kurokami
    • Shadow the Hedgehog, Shantae, Diamond the Lion
    • Silver the Hedgehog, Sabir Moonstone, ??? (Female)
    • Yoko Sniper, ???, ???

    • Luna Moonstone, Venice the Mink, Ice the Hedgehog
    • Honey the Cat, Ruby the Fox, ?
    • Cyfer-X, Q-Pid, Pinky (with Demi and Eli)
    • Jade the Fox, Juanita the Chameleon, Shantae (with Nack the Weasel)

    • Tiny Tiger, Crimson the Amazon, Sir Rayelot
    • Retro Donald, May the Flying Squirrel, Ray the Flying Squirrel

    • Bean
    • Raguna
    • Korosensei, Neuro/Yako?
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  • Bandicootfan63

    This centers on Medaka's endeavors in Fate as of recently, including being told what happened by Violet.

    they run together to a meeting room at the school*

    Lala: *licks her ice cream* What good luck this thing survived.

    Medaka: I'm afraid there's no food allowed in here.

    Lala: ...Aww... *drops it in the trash*

    Medaka: I'll buy you another later, but stay here and tidy the place up until I come back.

    Lala: You abducted me to do your chores?

    Medaka: We're in a state of emergency right now. *walks to the door and flicks on the lightswitch* Besides, the worst thing you need to do is some light dusting.

    Lala: *yawns* If it's that easy why don't you do it yourself?

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  • Bandicootfan63


    September 11, 2015 by Bandicootfan63


    I've figured out how to add emoticons to the chat!!

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  • Bandicootfan63
    • J-Stars Victory Vs+ - OMG AN ANIME CROSSOVER GAME WITH MEDAKA AND LALA FEATURED! *nosebleed* Maybe this will help me to follow along with an anime/manga? c:
    • Crunchyroll Premium! I swear, someday I will be able to pay $6.95 a month.
    • Actually watching To Love-Ru - I have what I'm pretty sure is a boxed set of the entire series, but I can never watch it because I'm either embarrassed or...uh...well, certain bodily functions make me feel ashamed. ._. So basically I sure as sh!t won't be able to read the manga, which has *ahem* full frontal nudity.
    • Medaka Box - I fell in love with this ever since I read about it for the first time, but alas I've never been able to actually experience it. I've found what I'm pretty sure is a respectable online source of t…
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  • Bandicootfan63

    Part of a series of stories to help me practice the characterization of Crash Man's family, and how they interact with each other alone.

    I don't know why I waited so long to do this; usually I'd save it for when Sia or Q were present.

    This may be canon, this may not. I'm not even sure if it will be worth reading.

    Laura and Aerial are watching TV in the living room still dressed in black, Laura on the floor leaning back against the couch*

    Aerial: So this is...just what you watch with Melanie?

    Laura: Yes, but all the sex is dubbed out here.

    Aerial: Is that why this is only three minutes long...?

    Laura: ...I guess. What's Athena doing?

    Aerial: I dunno, she locked the door.

    Laura: In that case, you can change this. *hands her the remote*

    Aerial: Are you…

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  • SierraSia


    June 22, 2015 by SierraSia

    I think it might be better if it was alittle something like this:

    "What the hell?!"

    This article/section has mature content that may be unsuitable for children.


    | image = File:Ness_SSB4.png | fullname = Ness | age = NA | debut = Life of Heroes 4 | alignment = Hero | role = NA | species = Human | gender = Male | transformations = NA | family = NA __________________ | allies = __________________ | enemies = | nicknames = NA | status = Alive }}

    Ness is a psychokinetic boy how appears in Life of Heroes 4.

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  • SierraSia

    So here a LOHT blog for the stuff that was cut from the RP. Enjoy!

    • Typho Kinesis of the Kinesis Triplets was originally going to be a calm yet charming headmaster of the Royal Academy after turning it into a school for troubled super powered people. The heroes would uncover the truth that Typho was really mind controlling the students using his smoke and was going to use the students to assist Pessimis.
    • This arch was originaly going to give the Diamond Detectives a little more screen time and plot elements. Such as the following:
      • Amanda was originaly going to be a student of the super power school and visited by Charm, Sia M. Ese, and Lola at the same time the heroes came to the island. Amanda would have also been a boss being mind controlled…

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  • Bandicootfan63
    • Palutena's looking out the same window*
    • suddenly, Pit comes flying in*

    Pit: Lady Palutena, we found someone even better suited for this!

    Palutena: *turns to him* Who? A mortal?

    Pit: Of course! *lands softly and snaps*

    • Medaka Kurokami appears in a flash of light, on her knees looking down, in front of Palutena*

    Pit: She can replicate and enhance any ability she chooses! She's the ultimate super-soldier and she just doesn't know it yet.

    Medaka: ... *slowly looks up at Palutena in fright and awe*

    Palutena: don't say.

    Medaka: Wh-who...who are you?

    Pit: W-will she do?

    Palutena: She seems... *blushes as she sees herself in a mirror panel across the room*, fit. Take her to train and help her discover the power.

    Medaka: What...? I don't have a…

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  • Bandicootfan63

    Needed a place to store this, so yeah :3


    Draegast, Game Theorists, Max Moe Foe, Screw Attack?

    None of those guys who get money and views solely on bullshit speculation and brainless hype.

    Flex Town, USA Sonic Boom

    • Item shop is Man At Arms, make video game and anime weapons
      • Referred to as the Jub Jub by Markiplier, from the Drunk Minecraft Compilation


    • Cat Gun - Shoots vicious, lethal felines to maul foes! ...Or if you're out of ammo it'll just shoot out defenseless kittens. You monster! (These will also take your health down.)
    • Double Finger Defense! - Maybe an exclusive of Markiplier? A party member becomes defenseless themselves, drops their weapon, and gives the DOUBL…

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  • Bandicootfan63
    • Palutena's at the same window in her temple, looking out when Pit walks in*

    Palutena: *hears him but doesn't move* Report?

    Pit: He's unwell.

    Palutena: ...Is that all?

    Pit: Y-yes, he asked if he could...

    Palutena: ...Continue, Pit.

    Pit: ...change his mind?

    Palutena: Ungrateful spirit. First he chooses to end his life, and I generously offer him salvation...I even decided to let him walk the Earth on occasion using the body of a demon.

    Pit: *nods* He's truly fortunate, ma'am.

    Palutena: This has to relate to the other mortals in some way...doesn't it? Violence, betrayal, sloth?

    Pit: I wouldn't know.

    Palutena: I don't want to cleanse, Pit. But I'm worried they could wipe themselves out via their own foolishness, and arrogance...a mother has to discipline…

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  • Bandicootfan63
    • Palutena is looking out at Earth from the stained-glass window in her temple*

    Palutena: *sighs* Should I have sent my soldiers in? So many deaths could have been so easily prevented...but what would the innocent mortals think? If they fought, no...their instincts are programmed to trust us...

    • Pit walks in from behind quietly, listening*

    Palutena: ...yet, after Fate they seem so much more restless. Violent. Although it'll never compare to the destruction Kane was capable of.

    Pit: I heard you mention the troops, Lady Palutena.

    Palutena: *startled* !! *whips around* Commander, were you listening in?!

    Pit: N-no, I honestly thought I was meant to listen.

    Palutena: Oh...I'm just thinking aloud. You can go speak with Najimi.

    Pit: Yes, ma'am! *s…

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  • SierraSia

    The usual recordings for the RP, please don't delete or alter anything on this blog or any other recording blogs. But first...

    "Maginary World... A world where everyone's dreams are stored and protected. This world lives on the dreams of others, and so does many more dream dimentions, even Nightopia."

    "There are thousands of other dream dimensions, but Maginary World is in the center of all of them. It's also the only was to reach either the Dream World or Nightmare Realm."

    "Ever since Illumina, the Goddess of Dreams, sacrificed herself to save all dream worlds and created those two realms however, the residents of both the Dream World and Nightmare Realm have held negative regards to each other for centuries"

    "The gateway to these dream dimes…

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  • Bandicootfan63

    I thought it would be interesting to put some trivia in blogs, so...meh, I did it. :P

    This mostly deals with cut content.

    • Another cut element from Zero Escape is the idea of humanity escaping to the Moon in the prime timeline, rather than simply being eliminated.
    • Crash Bandicoot would have originally died in the ocean in Life of Heroes 1 when Super Shadow defeated him in his gigantic form.
    • The Dark Cannon wielded by Black Doom's accomplices in 2 and its trophifying abilities were never truly explored; one link they would have had is to Fakers, as BD would use the genetic data storied in trophies to clone the subject.
      • The Trophies could also create a temporary, less-powerful clone known as a False. These were created using Shadow Bugs (the same entiti…

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  • Bandicootfan63

    Okay, I translated EVERYTHING in both of those blogs using Google Translate from English to Japanese, even using proper suffixes. But now Google doesn't want to put them back to least, not proper English. I don't even wanna kill myself right now. BOLDED TEXT WAS ORIGINALLY IN JAPANESE!!! ALSO I'VE KEPT THE SUFFIXES SO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH EFFORT I PUT INTO THIS ORIGINALLY.

    • Crash Man calls Medaka on his cell phone*

    Medaka: Hi?

    Noah: W-we're doing this? Now?

    Medaka: I thought you liked to speak in Japanese with me?

    Noah: *sighs* I do, but...I need you, Medaka-senpai. Please don't--

    Medaka: I've heard enough, Noah-kun. When you started sleeping with other girls, I didn't mind. After all, you were young--both of us were. We needed our freedom. …

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  • SierraSia

    (couldn't think of a cool name to go with the awesome scean XD)

    Noah: So I'll see you in--*he sees Anette waving to him at the front doors*

    Noah: I should go see what she wants. *he walks over to Anette*

    Sara: Bye. *to CM* Have a good day, CM.

    CM: You too.

    Sara: *walks into the building and goes to her locker*

    • there's a senior boy next to her, talking to his friends*

    ???: And so I pretended to look for my pencil on the floor, and she completely bought it!

    • they all start laughing*

    Sia: ?

    • the boy's red in the face with laughter by now*

    Sara: Uh, easy there or you might suffocate yourself.

    • the boy turns around*

    ???: ...Wait, I saw you in the news!

    Sara: Uh, y-yeah?

    ???: I'm Maguro, Medaka's brother? I think we met--

    Boy: Haha, you've never met her. She's not…

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  • Bandicootfan63

    THIS IS A Solo Story taking place after the first month of Crash Man and Medaka being broken up in Life of Heroes 4! JAPANESE CHARACTER VERSION: ここに! It's the same story, though.

    • Crash Man calls Medaka on his cell phone*

    Medaka: Hai?

    Noah: W-we're doing this? Now?

    Medaka: Watashi wa anata ga nihongo de hanasu suki! To omotta?

    Noah: *sighs* Watashi wa, shikashi... Watashi wa anata o hitsuyō to shite imasu. Shinaide kudasai -

    Medaka: , Noa-kun o kiku. Watashi wa jūbun'na naga kore o yōnin shimashita. Anata wa wakai ndanode, anata ga hoka no on'nanoko to neta toki, watashi wa ki ni shinakatta, to watashi wa hoka ni soko ni ita dare... Anata no tame ni tadashikatta ka dō ka o kakunin suru tame ni anata no jiyū o hitsuyō to shite shitteita. Watashi wa, …

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  • Bandicootfan63

    THIS IS A Solo Story taking place after the first month of Medaka and Crash Man being apart in Life of Heroes 4! ROMAJI VERSION: Koko ni! They're the same story, though.

    • Crash Man calls Medaka on his cell phone*

    Medaka: はい?

    Noah: W-we're doing this? Now?

    Medaka: 私はあなたが日本語で話すスキ!と思った?

    Noah: *sighs* 私は、しかし...私はあなたを必要としています。しないでください -

    Medaka: 、ノアくんを聞く。私は十分な長これを容認しました。あなたは若いんだので、あなたが他の女の子と寝たとき、私は気にしなかった、と私は他にそこにいた誰...あなたのために正しかったかどうかを確認するためにあなたの自由を必要として知っていた。私は、あなたはいつも私に戻ってくるだろう気持ちを持っていた、とあなたがやった。そして、私はあなたを愛していた。しかし、これはちょうどいいではありません!バイオレットちゃんは子供だし、あなたの人生あなたはおそらく湾で彼女を性的に保つことに自分自身を捧げてきました!

    Noah: しかし、メダカ先輩、 Q- pidは、彼女が「ボンド·矢印」と呼ぶもので私を撃った。これは、隠された感情を引き出すことを意図しています!私は化学物質は週または2でオフに着用していただき、誓う!

    Medaka: 私は、ノアくんを知っている。しかし、それは遅すぎます。あなただけのアップとは、彼女の処女を受けた後、あなたは、もはや彼…

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  • Bandicootfan63

    This is what happened to Noah's soul when he was being revived, and what he wished for in the mortal world. (LoH3)

    • CM's teleported to a pitch-black room in his red t-shirt and jeans, but no socks or shoes*

    CM: ...Uh, hello?

    • a few minutes later, a beam of light shines down on him*

    ???: Sorry for the wait.

    CM: I didn't mind. Better than getting wailed on by my kid brother with god powers...and his hot-a** wife.

    ???: Insult to injury. That's what H***'s about, my boy.

    CM: So what did you summon me here for? I really just want to see my family.

    ???: Good to know you have priorities, you'll be able to answer this next question much more easily than Pinky...what do you wish for? To have in the mortal world? No material possessions, mind you--

    CM: Happine…

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  • Bandicootfan63

    RIPPED DIRECTLY FROM MY SPOILER BLOG! So some of these aren't too detailed or censored (i'll fix that :O ). Just ask me if you have questions about something that seems cryptic.

    • Ben Drowned
    • Buried Alive
    • Tails Doll
    • Herobrine
    • Chainsaws/Unused Gang 9
    • Wechnia, Ashura the Hedgehog
    • Tails can fly through walls
    • Blue H***
      • Buryman is a husk in Blue H***, or H*** itself
    • Blue Pikachu
    • White Hand
    • Ratman
    • Lavender Town Syndrome
    • Samara
    • Cut content-work on that
    • MissingNo.
    • Vanellope
    • Typical glitchy stuff- wall breaching, killboxes, invisible walls. Maybe we can pull some ideas from the Data World I haven't gotten a chance to use.
      • Date World tie-in? Meh.
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  • Bandicootfan63
    • Older but amazing Baratie-inspired idea:
      • The Revolving Omelet. Ocelot finds himself fighting for his life in the PC District but despite the overwhelming odds decides to rescue a young boy (either Eli (Liquid) or David (Solid)). When they're in the clear, he finds the boy is orphaned (most likely Eli) and vows to, if they both survive the situation, settle down and provide an oasis for weary travelers to stay and eat: the Revolving Omelet. Again, inspired by One Piece (Sanji and Zeff.)
      • He also vows to never allow a fight to break out within its doors, resulting in him personally leading the riff-raff outside for a battle.
      • Eventually, Snake (Big Boss) finds him and attempts to recruit him, akin to the Baratie arc in One Piece. He leaves his re…
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  • SierraSia

    Basicly what it says, enjoy reading. :)

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  • Bandicootfan63

    • on Mt. Fate, in Pinky's room, Monday 7:33PM*

    Pinky: *flipping through a Bible frantically* This isn't right. This isn't right. But it's happening...*Elizabeth opens the door*

    Elizabeth: ...Whatcha doin'?

    Pinky: *stuffs it beneath his pillow* Nothing.

    Elizabeth: Um...I just thought you might like to know the Rune sisters came back to town.

    Pinky: All of them? Like, Violet too?

    Elizabeth: Of course...wait, why Violet?

    Pinky: *blushes* Shut up! Don't ask if you know.

    Elizabeth: Aww. You just want to bone her, don't you widdle man?

    Pinky: Get OUT of my ROOM!! *tosses the Bible at her*

    Elizabeth: *shuts the door before it hits, snickering*

    • Same location, Tuesday at 3:04AM*

    Pinky: *walks back from the bathroom in pink footy pajamas and looks out his window*…

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  • Bandicootfan63
    • in Fate, the Rune sisters' truck pulls up in front of the original Three Sisters Inn*

    Odette: *gets out* It's good to be back. How about I make us some dinner?

    Violet: I'm not very hungry. *scoots out after Lily*

    Lily: ? Are you alright, Violet? You were quiet during the whole ride.

    Violet: Yes, just tired. *goes inside the Inn*

    • meanwhile, on Mt. Fate, Pinky is looking out at the moon from the cliff CM and Sia were sitting at in Real Life of Heroes*

    Elizabeth: *sneaks up behind him and pokes him, causing him to jump* Haha. How does it feel, big guy?

    Pinky: *a-hem* Pretty good. I can't sleep because of all that cake from yesterday, though.

    Elizabeth: ...You haven't slept? Pinky, it's three in the morning. Get your rest.

    Pinky: Can't I just enjoy the …

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  • Bandicootfan63
    • Violet, Odette and Lily are getting into a small moving truck, and Daria runs up to them*

    Daria: Hey, where are you guys going?!

    Lily: *in the driver's seat* We're moving back to Fate for a while. Violet wants to see Noah.

    Daria: ...But who's going to take care of your inn?

    Lily: Oh, three muscular gentlemen wandered into town a few days ago and offered to keep it running while we're away. *the three Brutes Sia rescued in LoHRP3 enter the Three Sisters Inn*

    Daria: So that just means you weren't going to say goodbye at all if I hadn't seen you?

    Odette: No, of--

    Lily: Yes, we were.

    Daria: !!!

    Lily: We thought it would be easier for us to just go while everyone's asleep than have to say goodbye to EVERYONE in the village.

    Daria: W-Will you write, then?…

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  • Bandicootfan63
    • Pinky is stuffing his face with cake at his house on Mt. Fate*

    Pinky: *to Elizabeth, who's standing over him* This is all for me?! *the entire table is covered with sweets*

    Elizabeth: All of it. And if you want more, just ask.

    Pinky: This is a nice change from all of that weird "process" stuff every night.

    Elizabeth: ...Right. Not part of the process.

    Part 5

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  • Bandicootfan63
    • in CM's family's house on Mt. Fate, 11:33PM*

    Elizabeth: *brings Pinky a tray of sodas* How do you feel? Better? Please?

    Pinky: I feel fine, sis. You don't have to do this.

    Elizabeth: *takes a frustrated tone* Just...enjoy it. Okay? It's part of the process.

    Pinky: What process? I never felt not fine!

    Elizabeth: *makes him chug a soda, and he chokes, then passes out*

    • he wakes up on the beach of Fenith Island, and his vision is heavily blurred*
    • everything seems brighter and happier, though, and he feels himself sitting in a reclined chair with a drink in his hand*

    Pinky: What? Why am I dead?

    Female ???: Hi Pinky! *refills his glass and kisses his cheek*

    Pinky: Violet? Is that you? *squints to try and make her out, but suddenly everything turns …

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  • Bandicootfan63
    • in Fenith Village, Margaret, Daria, and Violet walk into the bathhouse*

    Melody: Hi guys! I finally opened up the bathhouse.

    Daria: Uh, we see.

    Melody: So, are you looking for one? The springs are perfect tonight.

    Margaret: Yes, if know...

    Melody: Oh, yeah. Birds and bees separate. 10 rupees from each of you, please.

    • Margaret pays for them all*

    Melody: Enjoy! *winks, to the discomfort of Violet*

    • they go past the drapes and into the room with the bath*

    Daria: I can't wait for this. *to Violet* Noah doesn't have any running water.

    Violet: *starts undressing* Yes, he used to get water from us.

    Margaret: You mean before he left? *eases into the water*

    Violet: ...Yes. *gets into the water across from Margaret* This is nice, talking to someone who'…

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  • Bandicootfan63
    • It's a dark and unseasonably warm night on Mt. Fate*
    • Pinky is sitting on a cliff, staring out at the moon*
    • his older sister Elizabeth walks over to him wearing the same overall-outfit that Aerial and Athena wear, although her leggings are not rolled up, and she kneels down next to him*

    Isabelle: So how are you holding up?

    Pinky: Not good. ...Are you sure this is right?

    Isabelle: *puts her finger to his lips* You should have asked me that before this whole thing started. There's no turning back now, brother.

    Pinky: *moves her hand away and looks back at the moon, on the verge of tears*

    Isabelle: *grabs his chin and faces him towards her* Hey. Pull it together. I really stuck my neck out for you on this. *he starts crying and she wipes his eyes* ..…

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  • Bandicootfan63

    Recordings of my own 2

    December 23, 2014 by Bandicootfan63

    Just something.

    CM: *sighs* Ever since we saved the world for the first time, almost none of my friends or family gave a f*** about anything else I did.

    CM: I feel like I set the bar too high, and I try and I try to be accepted as a person and not just a superhero, but nobody really cares. Nobody asks how I feel. *he reaches for the lava, just barely out of reach* CM: Medaka was the last person to, and she replaced me with some little demon thing who bites and scratches her.

    Sia: *flies higher up* That's not true. I care about how you feel and I know how hard it is to try to be seen as something else than a hero. But I will always care about you, and you know that.

    CM: Will you?

    CM: Even when I give this much of a f*** about…

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  • Bandicootfan63

    Haven't made an ATC in a WHILE! Felt I should. This one's pretty rusty, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. So standard 3 characters, three questions, I guess.

    Question: Hello, Crash Man. A lot has happened since we last spoke.

    Crash Man: Yeah, it's been a while.

    Question: This first question's a bit simple, involving the introduction of a new few characters...who's YOUR favorite Genki Girl?

    Crash Man: Sad Panda. I can relate to her.

    Question: How so?

    Crash Man: ...Well, she suffers from depression and is surrounded by the other two girls, who are generally cheerful and upbeat...kind of like my friends...

    Questions: Wait, what?

    Crash Man: I mean, I really like her...her...butt. Yeah, that's what I meant to say.

    Question: How do you fee…

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  • SierraSia

    DISCLAIMER: The following is for entertainment purposes only and the comments made by the Characters in question are not to be taking seriously. Thank you and Enjoy.

    Hello and welcome back to Ask the Characters! It's been a while since the last episode, but tonight we have Luna Moonstone, Red Bloodstone, and Alfa the Wizard!

    Question: Mister, Alfa, is it? Why are you called that name, because we know it's not your true name.

    Alfa: Well me real name is Albertonio Zonukie Universallno, but when I first met Sia Sapphire, I think the name was a bit of a mouthful for her, so she called me "Alfa" since then. To be hounest though, I wouldn't blame her. It toke me five years to spell the whole name correctly.

    Question: You say you were still alive when …

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  • SierraSia

    Here's a little RP Side Story for Halloween. Now unlike most Side Stories, this is non-canon to the main series and only here for Halloween. Thank you and enjoy.

    • one dark rainy night (like that hasn't been done before), in an empty cave*

    Ristar: *scrapes two rocks together over a pile of sticks to make a fire* I think I almost got a-- *suddenly water pours down onto the pile* fire... *looks up at the crack in the ceiling*

    Wreck-It: Oopes, sorry. Forgot to change the patch. *patches up the leak*

    Ristar: Well there goes out second to last stack. *throws the damp sticks aside and pulls in another pile of sticks and starts to try to make a fire*

    Mail: Ya' know, we wouldn't have this housing problem if someone didn't crash a arwing into our last hou…

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  • SierraSia

    Recordings for the Side RP Life of Your Heroes.

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  • SierraSia


    July 10, 2014 by SierraSia

    This is just for testing a poll I'd like to make on variouse of wikis, but feel free to vote!

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  • SierraSia

    Pages for the RPs?

    June 22, 2014 by SierraSia

    So there are pages for characters, items, weaponds, locations, and many why not have a page for each of the RPS we have? And should we only have pages for the Main RPs, or can there be pages for the side and secondary RPs too? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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