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Black Warriors
Black Warrior


Black Doom, Koopa Troop, Kremling Krew

Black Warriors are a specise of Black Arms that appeare in the Life of Heroes RP: Seven Years Later. So far they only appeared once in the RP when Red ordered them to serch for the Princess of the Black Arms. They are currently looking for her.


  • In Sabir's Return To The Bad Future, when Sabir uses his new Hologuise to infiltrate Shadow/Fuse's ship and enters a room for Fusions only, one of the Black Warriors refers to him in Black Arm as a "Chao brain", referring to how Black Doom ate several Chao at the time of Project: Moonstone's creation.
    • Also in the same RP, they referred to him as "the unholy spawn of the Princess and the earthmonger" when they found out his true identity. The terms "princess" and "earthmonger" are referring to Luna and Espio the Chameleon.
  • They are the most common types of Black Arms shown in the RPs.

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