Black Doom
Vital statistics
Full Name Black Doom
Age +2,000 years
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Debut Life of Heroes 2 (Part 1)
Alignment Villain
Role Leader of the Black Arms
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Species Black Arm
Gender Male
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Transformations Devil Doom
Family Shadow the Hedgehog (son), Luna Moonstone (daughter), Luna (lover), Black Arms


Allies Shadow the Hedgehog (temporarily during first Black Arms Invation), Luna Moonstoen (temporarily) Black Arms, Red Bloodstone (formerly), Luna, Gerald (formerly)


Enemies Shadow the Hedgehog, Luna Moonstone, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails the Fox, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Rouge the Bat, Chaotix Detective Agency
Nicknames Barron Dark
Status Unknown

"Who said you'd WILLINGLY assist me? But don't worry, pet, if your friends cooperate, no one will be hurt."

- Black Doom to Luna in DfA Part 2.

NOTE: This character belongs to Sega.

Black Doom is the leader of the Black Arms and the main antagonist of the Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above. He has recruited many villains to the Black Arms, including Red, Bowser, Spark, Dr. Tropy, Uka Uka, Spike, Dr. Cortex, Dr. Gin, Tiny, Dingodile, Jade, and the fake versions of the heroes. Black Doom so far has led his army to evacuate the city, go after Crash Man, Sia, Coco, The Chaotix, and Luna, and kidnap Crash Man.

RP Bio

Death from Above Part 2

Black Doom is also the main antagronist of Part 2 od Death from Above. He first appeares when Red gave him a journal belonging to Sabir the Hedgehog. Soon after he told Red to go get Luna from the ARK. Later, he was seen talking to Uka Uka about turning Red into a trophy. A day later, Black Doom sent a self-operating Death Egg Robot to stop Luna and Mew from escaping with the 6 Chaos Emeralds he had. After the robot was destroyed, he got a file with Dark Black's name on it and sent Jade and Solar to find Bowser and sent Bowser to turn Red into a trophy. When Luna asked him why he turned Red into a trophy, Black Doom said it was because Red wasn't as vicious as befor. The Black Doom told Luna that she was "a valuable pawn" that he plans to use. Soon after Black Doom pressed a button that opened a trap door below Luna. Black Doom is currently on his starship.


Original Abilities (seen in RP)


Original Abilities (not seen yet)

Chaos Control, mind control (effects only the ones with the same blood as Black Doom).

RP Abilities

Chaos Wave (7YL RP only so far), red sheild (in Luna's dream only so far)


Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow is the bialogical son of Black Doom and also one of his greatest enemies. Black Doom showes no concern for Shadow and sees his son as a target.

Luna Moonstone

Black Doom's relationship with his daughter Luna is a double-sighted view. Black Doom sees Luna as an enemy, but also seems to hold some consern for her. When they first met, Luna saw Black Doom as someone who would help her descover the secret to her curse. Black Doom toke Luna as an ally like Red, but was soon abandoned by Luna when she discovered the truth about them useing her just for her star. His third eye that can follow people around is following Luna but dosen't seem to see much of her. Black Doom also showed some "protective fauther" aspects when he found out that Luna kissed Espio and even went as far as tricking her to think that Espio was the one who made her memory lost. Black Doom had a chance to hold a differant relationship with Luna seeing how she has never seen, or known about his hedgehog form, and tried to do so until Luna relized who he was. In the end however, he told Luna that he was her father. Black Doom shows his consern for Luna when he asked Red to not harm her when Red captured Luna. However, despite the consern, Black Doom is willing to send someone to kill her, as he did when he send False Shadow to do so. Black Doom will also use Luna's power for his plans, seeing how he tried to when he turned Luna into a trophy with a Dark Cannon. Most of Black Doom's consern could be from Luna looking like her mother however.

Death from Above Part 2

In Part 2, Black Doom plans to use Luna, as discribing her as " a valuable pawn we can use in our little game of chess". This may question if Black Doom truely cares for Luna as shown from Part 1.

Red Bloodstone

Black Doom has had Red as a loyal ally for some time now and is sometimes impressed with Red's performance. Black Doom only told Red about Luna's creation and birth and also seems to trust Red that he won't tell anyone else about it. Black Doom is also harsh on Red like most of his other allies. Red's hedgehog resemblance to Shadow dosen't seem to bother Black Doom.

Death from Above Part 2

In Part 2, Black Doom turned Red into a trophy, stateing that Red isn't as vicious as befor.

Luna's Mother

Black Doom seems to have held a relationship to Luna's mother, and even seems to have some romantic intrest in her as well. Though in the RP Solo Story: Black Doom's Lament showes little evidance of his relationship with Luna's mother, in the RP, he said it himself to Red that he fell in love with Luna's mother.

Espio the Chameleon

Black Doom didn't seem to be bothered with Espio at first, But when he found out that Espio kissed Luna, he became furiouse at the chameleon for that. He even shouted it out loud that he hated the chameleon. Black Doom even tried to convince Luna that she shouldn't trust Espio and lied that Espio was the person who made Luna lose her memory. Black Doom seems to also want Espio dead, because Black Doom seemed satified when Luna attacked Espio in her dream.

Juanita the Chameleon

In 25 years into the future, Juanita finds a best friend out of Black Doom's third eye, witch she named "Mr. Blinky". While neutral about being the duaghter of Luna, but also the daughter of Espio, he wonders what in the world Nita's doing with his eye.

Seven Years Later

Seven Years Later Stats
"I told you, we can't waste any more time."


Red Bloodstone, Black Arms, Destructix, Bean the Dynamite, Jade the Fox.


G.U.N., his previouse enemies.



In the Seven Years Later RP, Black Doom has been revived from his death and leads the Black Arms once again. Black Doom first appeares in this RP after Solar appeares in the UFO. After the Destructix appeared in there full group, Black Doom told them to destroy something. When Aris brought a lion to him, Black Doon told her to give it to the chef so that he could cook the lion and feed him to Fake Shadow. Soon after the lion escapes, Black Doom knockes out a intruder that came into the room he and Red were in. Later after Red reported his look into the intruder's memories, Black Doom toke interest when Red mentioned Sabir Moonstone and showed him an image of the hedgehog on an iPad. After Red told him that Sabir was in the present time, Black Doom told Red to find Sabir and bring him back to the UFO. Black Doom is currently on the UFO.


  • Black Doom made a referance to Mephalis the Dark from the game Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) by performing similar actions in Luna's dream by giveing Luna a chaos emerald, showing her a false vision of the person who is responsible, taking her back in time to when it happened and telling Luna that she doesn't need to know anything other than to find her destination.


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