Naked Snake MGSPW

Not to be confused with the amnesiac who goes by the name Big Boss at the beginning of Real Life of Heroes.

Role in the RP

Real Life of Heroes

Big Boss' life is significantly different in the fake world of Real Life. Little is known about the events of Snake's life before 1983, but it is implied he has extensive military background, given his ease and efficiency in stealth.

He and Kazuhira Miller created a soldier-for-hire company called Militaires Sans Frontieres in an attempt to combat the growing power of the Public Morals Committee. They established a base in Big Blue disguised as an offshore plant, and thanks to Snake's vigorous efforts it grew to an enormous size within a few days.

Among his recruits, he agreed to foster former criminals aboard his base to commute their sentences, two of whom included Johnny Gat and Trevor Philips.

Per Miller's suggestion, MSF began operating a human exploitation company (HEC) which is essentially a civilian intelligence agency. Its first member and head was Paz Ortega Andrade, who used her influence as an idol and cover as a student to bring several adult recruits to Mother Base, causing its numbers to swell.

In order for MSF to stay incognito he agrees to many morally-bankrupt practices (some only in his eyes,) including HEC, which was originally proposed to him by Kaz as using kids to spy, and playing ball with the Public Morals Committee when need be.

Upon an anonymous client's request, Snake acquired a secret video tape from a local Planeptunian broadcast station, which turned out to be Professor Genki's 50th anniversary special. However, when MSF played back the tape, its contents were far more gruesome; it implied a conspiracy wrapped within the Genki property.

Acting on this tape, Snake followed Noah's father for a time before focusing his sights on Jessica Albert, who had appeared in the videotape, tranquilizing and bringing her back to Mother Base with some difficulty. During this he suggested to Kaz that MSF develop its own remote extraction device, at which point the latter subtly referenced the Fulton recovery balloon, in development at that time.


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