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Bark's Stats
Bark the Polarbear


Nack (team mate and boss), Bean (team mate).


currently unknown


currently unknown, possibly evil, possibly Anti-Hero

Bark is a member of Team Hooligan as the mucsle in the Life of Heroes RP and Life of Heroes 2: Death from above. In the 1st RP, Bark made his first appearance with Nack and Bean in the Sub-Version relm. In the second RP, Bark's appearance was far late from when Bean and Nack appeared. In this apearance, Bark was held up and carried to the room where Black Doom and Bean were by Solar, mistaking Bark as a giant teddybear. In Part 2 of this RP, Bark was bumped into by Luna. After he sees her, he looks at a picture of a normal Luna, then back at the vampire, then punched her in the face. After chasing Luna to an edge of the starship, Bark threw her over his shoulder and locked her in the infirmary. Bark is currently on the starship.


Ask the Characters

Detectives (Part 2)

Bark and Bean appear as cameos in Nack's interview in Detectives, Part 2. Upon being questioned about the whereabouts of the rest of Team Hooligan, Nack says they were probably "busted", having lost Nack's expertise. Then Nack sees them taking off with his bike outside, and runs off to catch them, ending his interview.


  • Bark is the one member of Team Hooligan who made the least appearances in the RPs so far.
  • It is unknown where Bark got a picture of Luna in her normal form.
  • Bark was not intended to side with the Black Arms, but SierraSia put him on the starship anyway.


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