Because the town in Real Life of Heroes is densely populated, it is difficult to keep track of each individually, and many play small roles in the plot. This is to list them until they receive their own identities.


Blue-haired Enforcer

"Always show leg, ladies, lest your fates fall ill in the face of the Public Morals Committee!"

This Public Morals Committee intern dresses in a distinct black kimono with white lining, and keeps his hair in a braid at all times running down to his back. Whenever he appears, it's to accost girls who aren't following the dress code (specifically, without skirts.) Appearing to have no regard for their privacy, he'll force offenders to strip on the spot. He does this to Sara and Nepgya, but is distracted by Noah, his senior.

During his second appearance, he's stopped a girl outside of Sara and Noah's gym class just as lunch begins, and is attempting to get her to remove her pants. During this encounter, he displays a shocking sense of ignorance, believing blue jeans cause cancer, and seeing himself as a hero for liberating women of their clothes.

He states that leg hair is caused by lack of exposure to sunlight, citing his evidence as pubic hair. He's apparently older than Noah but has to listen to him because of the Public Morals Committee's seniority policies.

Girl wearing jeans

This girl was harassed by the blue-haired PMC intern because she was wearing pants, but was too shocked to adequately refuse. During the length of her appearance, she stuttered frequently and was very nervous, taking verbal jabs at other characters. When Noah immobilized the intern, she took the chance to retreat to the cafeteria.

She apparently lacks friends. Her character was implied to be Toko Fukawa of Danganronpa.

Fleeing boy

Following the school's cancellation due to the bomb threat, a boy sees Medaka toting Sara and Noah on her shoulders and believes he's looking at a "three-headed Student Council beast."

Based on dialogue between Melody, Rosetta and Plutia following his departure, he was implied to be Hifumi Yamada of Danganronpa.

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