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Active AEG2

The four active guardians: Sia, Noah, Spark, and Sal

Aura Energy Guardians are humans with the ability to controll a special aura that holds unimaginal energy. The energy seems to be based off of the elements of the world. Thousands of years ago, there where many Aura Energy Guardians around the world. However, most of them were destroyed in a gigantic war between them and NightDusk. However, one Aura Energy Guardian, Angel Diamond, was protected and send into the future where it was said NightDusk will break free of his prison orb by an old wizard (Alfa's great grandfauther). But soon after Sia was born, the Aura Energy Guardian, who was said to hold one of the two most powerfull aura energys in the univers, disapeared from the sight of everyone. Now there are only 5 main Aura Energy Guardians left

Aura Energy Guardians

Sia Sapphire - appeares to be the only good one so far

Crash Man - Isn't actually an Aura Energy Guardian, but associates with them

Sal Garnet

Spark Topaz

Shade Amethyst - the first Aura Energy Guardian to have his powers since the other Aura Energy Guardian disapeared

Special Powers

Sia Sapphire - Mystic Fire of Sapphire

Crash Man - unknown so far

Sal Garnet - Fearless Garden of Garnet

Spark Topaz - Lightening Topia of Topaz

Shade Amethyst - Dark Fist of Amethyst

Aura Energy Elements

Sia Sapphire - Fire

Crash Man - unknown so far

Sal Garnet - Grass

Spark Topaz - Lightening

Shade Amethyst - Shadow

Ultimate Aura Energys

Stary Space of Silver

Brave Hearts of Gold


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