Ash the Fox
 Ash is the disguise Pessimis used as one of the members of the Resistance Agenst Fusion Arms in Sabir's Return to the Bad Future. He's offten seen as strange by other members, as he offten collects strange materials such as seeds, lilypads, and flowers. He also doesn't fight when the group is confronted by Fusion Arms, but he does uses a pipe as defence in rare occasions. He owns a secret lab hidden in the base that no one but him knows about.
Ash's Stats




Ash the Fox




Salma the Chameleon, Vector the Crocodile, Sabir Moonstone, Diamond the Lion, Yoko Sniper, Sackboy, Cyrus, NiGHTS, Kai, Ratchet, Clank, Shadow the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna


Shadow the Hedgehog (formerly), Lord Fuse, Scar, Sweet Tooth



Sabir's Return to the Bad Future

Ash is seen as the medic of the resistance. He reported to Salma that Ratchet will be able to survive from his horrible injery from the fight with Sweet Tooth.

Ash's most major part so far is in the night following Ratchet's injeries. Ash was suspiciousely heading towards the Medic room, without noticeing Chizuru following him. He toke a potion out of a hidden chest and tried to use it on Ratchet along with strange Chaos Energy, in witch he looked liked Espio. However, he was interrupted by Clank, which resulted in Ash turning back to his fox form and run behind a bookshelf. He than released a sleeping potion to fog the room and put Ratchet and Chizuru to sleep than proceeded to shock Clank to sleep mode and errased his memory of what he saw, while claiming that he needs to be more carefull.

Later on in the morrning, Ash claimed that he brought the tray of food and the copy of "Blargs Gone Wild" for Ratchet befor reporting that he fully healed ratchet over night. Once he left, Ratchet discovered his secret tunnel way under the base and entered Ash's secret lab and read his latest entry in his journal and discovered that Ash is really hiding his true identity. Ash catches Ratchet in his lab and asked how much he read, but while Ratche never read who he really was, Pessimis says he's "worse" then any of Ratchet's guesses, and had Ratchet promiss to keep the secret of the lab.

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