Amity (アミティー Amitī) (aka Demeter (デメテル Demeteru)) is the oldest member of the Forbidden 7.


Little is known of her past, similarly to other members of the Forbidden 7. However, when the leader is bugging her at the Inn, she threatens to "wrap him around one of the poles in the strip club she found him in".

Additionally, it is worth noting that she is 18, legally signing for any purchases the team makes and allowing her to cover for them in certain situations.


Amity, in her first appearances, appears to simply be a bubbly, friendly girl. Her only ill relations are with the leader of their group (the soon-to-be Forbidden 7.) She's shown to be the one who handles the team's attire on jobs, such as identity-concealing masks and jumpsuits.

Despite her bad relationship with the leader, she adjusts well to his placing her in a fighter jet during their invasion of Sierra Point.

When their invasion fails, she keeps a cool composure and temperament until Sia Sapphire teleports them from Fort Zancudo to Fate, where she becomes bizarrely apprehensive and anxious. She votes for them to leave after Anna the Beagle arrives.

She explodes at the leader when they get their room at the Three Sisters Inn, as he constantly puts her down and harasses Comfort. After warning him to stop, she beats him up, so badly that Violet has to check him for a concussion.


"Oh. But I agree in the sense he has the charisma of a potato. Not a worldly potato, either..."

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