Aku is a villain who appears in the Life of Heroes RPs and  arch enemy of Samuri Jack.

Bad Future

Aku appeares in the bad future as a slave of Shadow and Fuse on the Fusion Comet. He was confused about Sabir's lack of knowledge of the world at first, but then attacks him for trespassing onto the comet. But he then stopped attacking when he hears that Sabir wants to face Fuse, all the while speaking to him from behind. Aku then made a deal with Sabir that if he succeeds in defeating Fuse, he'll reward him with an Aku Nano. Aku also gave information on his family (without really saying he was Sabir), witch includes his parent's deaths and his sisters' survival. Aku than gave Sabir's NanoCom the ability to track the aura he spawned on the starship Shadow and Aku are on before Sabir left.


  • ffcmasterofdarkness


  • Aku mentions Jack on the Fusion Comet. He reffered to him as "the foolish samurai warrior" he fought long ago.


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